Membership Application/Renewal

Membership in the TVR Car Club of North America runs for one year starting January 1st. Membership can be paid via cheque or PayPal. To pay by Paypal, simply fill out the fillable sections of the form below and click "Join Now". To pay by check, fill out the form and print it on your computer, then sign and date the form and mail it to the address listed. Membership requests submitted online will be processed and online credentials will be provided within one week of submission, and a membership packet with membership card and first issue of the TVR Times will be mailed within 4-6 weeks of submission.


TVR Car Club of North America
Membership Application/Renewal

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Membership: Current rate is $45.00 annually.

You will receive the TVR Times quarterly and, if you are a new member, you will get a membership card. You will also get contact information for all club officers and your area Regional Organizer, have members only access on the web site and reduced advertising rates in the Times and on the web site. Husband and wife or significant other teams require only one membership. ***Renewing members will not get a new card but can order a basic card, if needed for $2.50 or may order a personalized card that features your TVR for $5.00

Do you need a copy of the Times to be mailed to you, or do you want to access it online?

Please check if you are renewing an existing membership and your information has not changed.

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If you own more than two TVRs, please forward your payment email from Paypal to and add the information on your other TVRs. If you don't currently own any TVRs, check the box above to allow the form to complete.

In joining the TVR Car Club of North America, I agree to be a member in good standing and will promote the TVR Marque whenever the opportunity arises. The club is officially chartered as a 501C(7) and is supported through payment of dues and donations. My membership gives me certain rights via our club charter and constitution. The goal of the club is to promote the TVR Marque through the hosting and participation in club events and other related automobile functions both regionally and nationally.

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Note: Payment by Paypal constitutes acknowledgment and agreement as of the date of payment.

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Checks are payable to TVRCCNA

Applications can be submitted online or mailed to TVRCCNA.
Mailed applications can be sent to:

   Terry Telke
   267 Ocean Dr.
   Clayton, NC 27520

Please allow 4-6 weeks for receipt of card.