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Cars for Sale:

1994 TVR Griffith

Posted: 7 December 2014
Serial #:
Price: $55,000
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact Info: Dave - (416) 746-0778
1994 TVR Griffith

  • Title: Says 1994, Vin says it’s a 1993. TVR NA had registered it as 1994 when imported new.
  • Made in Blackpool England.


    • Ferrari Rosso Red, Brown Canvas Covered Carbon-fiber Removable top with Brown Canvas folding back with clear vinyl window. Can be run with the back-up and centre out.
    • Fibreglass body on Tubular chassis
    • Never Winter driven


    • Tan Leather, seats, Dash, Centre console and door panels
    • Brown Carpet
    • Alpine FM, MP3 Player
    • Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power truck release, Power locks
    • Immobilizer anti-theft
    • 2 keys with remotes


    • 1 of 7 LHD imported into Canada by the dealer. 1 of approx. 100 LHD in total Production
    • 59000 KM
    • 285 hp Rover V8 4.3 litre EFI
    • 5 speed LR77 (Land Rover)
    • Tubular Chassis, Powder Coated
    • Independent suspension
    • Disc Brakes all round, 10.6” on front and 9.9” rear
    • Dunlop Direzza DZ101 Ultra Hi-Performance summer tires, (Aug12)
    • Front 205/50/15ZR Rear 225/50/16ZR


    • Standing ¼ mile 13.3 seconds
    • 0 to 100 kph 4.6 seconds
    • 0 to 160 kph 11.3 seconds
    • Weight 1050 kg (2315 lbs.)
    • Check out how these performance numbers match up with even newer cars
    Being a much loved, but driven car there is a few chips on the nose and the odd scratch. This car has never wanted for anything and no noise was not addressed and fixed immediately. Reasonable offers considered, ABSOLUTELY NO TEST PILOTS Please! This not a Kit Car!

    Asking $55,000.00 US$. You can use as your haggling tools the following: New roof covering and window - $1600.00, Repair stone chips and repaint the nose - $3000.00

    1993 TVR Griffith 430

    Posted: 16 February 2015
    Serial #:
    Price: $55,000
    Location: Niagra, Canada
    Contact Info: Paul Montgomery - Phone: (905) 684-2550
    Description: 1993 TVR GRIFFITH 430 - Factory built to Canadian specs [metric speedo, high level brake light, Left Hand Drive.- 74 000 km [ 46 000 mi.], fully serviced, ready to go.- Exciting to drive, beautiful to see. 0-60mph- 4.5 sec., weighs 2300 lbs., 280 bhp.

    1990 TVR S2

    Posted: 21 June 2014
    Serial #:
    Price: CDN$27,500
    Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Contact Info: Bill - (705) 445 6127
    1990 TVR S2
    • Engine — Ford 2.9 liter V6
    • Five Speed Manual Transmission
    • 88,438 kilometers (54,953 miles)
    • Original Azure Blue paint — Magnolia Leather Interior — Blue Convertible top
    • Purchased from TVR North America in October, 2008.
    • Previously owned for a number of years by Dave Graham — well known TVRCCNA member.
    • Always Garaged
    • Recommended Service carried out in timely manner
    • New Tires -Michelin Primacy Mx4 90H 205/60R15
    • New Battery
    • Panasonic late model Stereo System
    • Very Nice Road Car

    1987 TVR S Convertible

    Posted: 7 December 2014
    Serial #: SA9DS28P8HB019323
    Price: $18,000
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Contact Info: Jason Gollon - (314) 780-5669
    1987 TVR S Convertible
    Full Restoration Classic British Sports Car
    • Model: S
    • Year: 1987
    • Type: Convertible
    • Color: Gray
    • Mileage: 37,506 (Original miles)
    • Engine: 2.8L V6
    • Transmission: Manual
    • Fuel Type: Gasoline
    • Trim: Convertible Roadster
    • Interior Color: Blue/Red Piping

    This is a perfect example of one of the first TVR S series built. The S was conceived by Peter Wheeler as a car to attract people to the brand at a price competitive with contemporary roadsters. The styling echoes that of the previous ‘M’ and ‘S’ models making this a very early adoption of 'retro' styling.

    The ‘S’ is true to TVR's ethos of weighing less than 1000 kg, having more than enough power and a bespoke special feel to the car. It is the last of the raw TVRs with no power steering, stiff chassis, heavy controls, etc. It is quite rewarding to drive. This is a true driver’s car.

    It has a targa/convertible top, which means you can remove and stow the targa panels in the trunk and either lower or raise the convertible top depending on how much wind you prefer. The top was replaced in recent years and is in excellent condition.

    This ‘S’ has the original Ford Cologne 2.8L V6 engine with Bosch K-Jetronic injection. This engine is from the European Capri 2.8i, 160bhp in UK spec with no catalytic converter, mated to a Ford 5-speed gearbox and a Ford Sierra (Merkur XR4ti) differential, half shafts and brakes. The Cologne was fitted to many US Fords, so parts are easily found at your local auto parts store. Servicing can also be performed by a Ford dealer or a specialist or even DIY with the wealth of support available on the web and the many specialist clubs.

    The TVR was restored a few years ago with a complete body off chassis strip/paint, body respray and engine overhaul. It is stock with the exception of an improved oversized aluminum radiator, coolant pipes and silicon hoses. It has Spax adjustable shocks, brand new Goodyear Eagle GT tires (205/60R15 91V) mounted on original OZ wheels, Wolfrace style. The stainless exhaust has a very distinctive rumble. Most enthusiasts describe the original ‘S’ exhaust note as the best sounding of all TVRs produced.

    This car is absolutely fantastic to drive. It is surprising quick, pops and crackles on the overrun and turns heads wherever you go. Particularly since this ‘S’ is RHD. Do not be put off by the RHD. It is quite enjoyable to drive, unique and almost guarantees a conversation with a stranger every time you go out. In September 2013, this ‘S’ won First In Class at the 32nd Annual St. Louis All British Car & Cycle Show.

    It was imported in 2012 from the United Kingdom under the 25 year import rule. Therefore, it is not required to comply with DOT and/or EPA requirements.This is a 27 year old car that is a weekend driver only. It has never seen rain or any other inclement weather. It has always been garaged and is properly stored during the winter months. I searched for quite a long time before finding this stunning example and blew my budget buying it. I believe it to be the best TVR S in existence. After seeing the prices of all TVRs increase, I only expect the market to get stronger.

    I have paperwork (MOT certificates, V5 (UK Registration Certificate) receipts, etc.) dating back more than 12 years that will accompany the car. The original British plate will also be included. I have a like new copy of ‘The TVR S series’ by Steve Heath, often referred to as the TVR S bible and a copy of the Haynes manuals for the Ford Capri and Ford Sierra, both brand new. Before buying the car, I drove 800 miles to view it and was amazed. I strongly recommend coming to see the car in person. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

    1986 TVR 280i Series 2 and 1984 TVR 280i Series 1

    Posted: 23 March 2014
    Price: $4,000
    Contact Info: Barry Rowe
    Location: Central Illinois
    Description: 2 TVR280i parts cars:
    • 1986 280i series 2. Body rough with right side crazed. "Cream" color, tan interior, good engine, good 4 speed trans, good suspension, broken windshield. Mostly complete original interior needs work. Frame has some rust problems. Complete top. 5 good wheels with good tires. Clear title.

    • 1984 Tasmin 280i. Good body but needs paint. Good frame and suspension. No engine, good 4 speed transmission mostly complete original interior. No top, no passenger side window, no windshield. No front spoiler nor rear facia. No title. 5 good wheels with good tires.
    I want to sell them as a pair, but might be talked into selling them separately. I had meant to put them together in 1 car, but have too many projects.

    1985 TVR Tasmin 280i in excellent condition. Engine number 1516:Body code 333H

    Posted: 15 December 2013
    Price: $10,250
    Contact Info: Mark Ospala - Phone: (201)724-3914
    Description: Unmolested original condition. Everything works including the air conditioning. This lovely TVR runs well and starts easily. Was somewhat dormant over the last 4 to 5 years having only covered around 500 miles during that time. Since I purchased it, I have driven it regularly whilst doing some of the work described below. The more I drive it, the better it gets! It has the targa top configuration where the main rigid top can be removed and stowed in the trunk with the cover (in great shape) and either leave the rear section up to minimize wind or lay it down as a full convertible. The rear window in is excellent clear condition. The stereo installed is a late 80's vintage top end stereo with serious speaker and a woofer (which I have not yet tackle diagnosing why it doesn't work). The stereo works anyway on the two rear mounted speakers. The wood dash over the instruments and glove box is in very good condition with some minor surface cracks on the glove box door only. It is equipped with a/c and it works! Has electrical system cut off for use when car is not in use.

    Recent work - replaced handbrake lever, now fully operational; replaced clutch slave cylinder; new fuel filter and fuel accumulator, new speedo cable, newlight switch Still to resolve - grounding for temperature gauge and dash boardlights. the carpets need replacing and I am waiting delivery of the new carpet set that I will include with the car for the new buyer. Paintwork is in excellent condition with few minor blemishes/nicks. The front spoiler on the passenger side will need minor repair. This TVR is comfortable and has been proved reliable since I have owned it. My last trip was to a car show about a hundred miles away and it cruised beautifully and returned 25 mpg. I am British and have always had passion for TVR's and this is my second one. The only reason for selling is that I have too many cars and need to focus on finishing the others that came before this car and the money from this will fund those other items. Thanks!

    1985 TVR 280i

    Posted: 1 September 2013
    Price: $6,000
    Contact Info: Scott Bamford - Phone: 716-689-9655
    Description: 1985 280i, convertible, 4-speed, white with black top, red leather interior, 35,400 miles, good condition, runs great, second owner (25 years).

    1981 TVR Tasmin Convertible

    Posted: 12 January 2014
    Price: $20,000
    Contact Info: Raymond Nichols - Phone: (250) 390-1134
    Description: I have a 1981 TVR Tasmin I want to sell. The second car built in July of 1981. Euro spec 2.8 litre German Ford engine. Bosch fuel injection, 160 HP, also lighter than the US spec cars. Excellent Michelin tires on special rims, also have the original set, glove soft leather seats, Solid mahogany trim inside. Great car to drive.

    1974 TVR 2500M

    Posted: 28 March 2015
    Serial #: 2838TM
    Price: $15,850
    Location: Oregon
    Contact Info: John
    Description: An excellent example of this earlier model - now hard to find. It is a trophy winner [included] and originally came with T wheels, and these are included also with the car[not in photos] It currently wears handsome new Dayton wire wheels. Has SUNROOF. Recent two-tone nice paintwork. Good condition interior. Western car; excellent undamaged frame. All maintenance up to date. Speedometer rebuilt; mileage now estimated at around 50K. Mostly stock; the previous owner installed a superb oversize aluminum radiator and fan; car will not overheat under any conditions. Mechanical parts are TR6. Clear title, currently licensed. Runs strong, turns tightly.

    TVR 2500 Vixen/M Hybrid

    Posted: 26 October 2014
    Serial #:
    Price: $3,500
    Location: California
    Contact Info: Jody - (831) 254-1299
    Description: Project car, but very solid base to start with. "Mostly there" and LOW miles.

    1971 TVR Vixen 2500

    Posted: 18 August 2014
    Serial #: 1864T
    Price: $7,000
    Location: Colorado
    Contact Info: Karl - (303) 423-1518
    Description: 1971 TVR 2500 sn1864T (Round tube) complete but apart. Rebuilt trans, dif, chassis and suspension. Body completely restored and in sanding coat. All parts, additional triple Weber carb set up w/o linkage, painless wiring also included.

    Parts for Sale:

    Late M & 280i Interior Door Handle Escutcheons

    Posted: 27 July 2014
    Price: $30
    Contact Info: Hayden Olenik
    Location: Sterling, VA
    Description: I tracked down a source of new old stock door handle escutcheons as used on the Reliant Scimitar SE6 (which are the same as the late M and 280i, still working on identifying the original donor). These are harder to find than hen's teeth, so if yours are cracked or broken completely then you probably want to pick them up before these are gone, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get more. Looking for $30ea or $55 per pair, they sell in the Netherlands for €19.95 (~$27) ea and you still need to ship them over. Contact me now to purchase one (or a pair) before they're all gone.

    Assorted 280i Parts

    Posted: 19 April 2014
    Contact Info: Hayden Olenik
    Location: Sterling, VA
    Description: I purchased a 1985 TVR 280i Series 1 for parts a few months ago and have plenty of extras I don't need. Like-new black interior (everything but seats and carpet), doors, driver's side (LH) door glass, all body panels except hood & chin spoiler, suspension/brake parts, and more. Even have the original seats if someone needs frames to recover (seats were unfortunately left in the car and exposed to weather when the rest of the interior was stripped). Contact me if you're looking for something and see if I have it.

    Modine Radiator Upgrade for 280i

    Posted: 22 December 2014
    Price: $150
    Contact Info: Hayden Olenik
    Location: Sterling, VA
    Description: I have a large Modine radiator that the previous owner of my 280i installed in the nose (my car originally had an upright radiator). I went back to the upright because I didn't have the overheating problem and wanted to re-install the charcoal canister that the previous owner removed, so this one is available for a 280i owner who is having overheating problems. Radiator comes with mounting brackets to hold it but I had to cut the (regular box steel) brace that ran the width of the nose between the brackets to remove it from the car. Ready for install in your 280i with very little work. Can send photos of the radiator installed on request.

    Replacement Radiator & Shroud for 81-85 280i Series 1 and Series 1-1/2

    Posted: 22 December 2014
    Price: $100
    Contact Info: Hayden Olenik
    Location: Sterling, VA
    Description: I picked up this radiator out of another 280i when working to install an original radiator in my car to replace the upgraded on a previous owner installed. I ended up with 2 radiators and didn't use this one. I had it cleaned and tested by Springfield Radiator in Springfield, VA and the radiator is in great shape. Radiator is not original so the shroud is a tighter fit than normal around the hose connections but works and could be clearanced to work perfectly. Ready for install in your car. Please note that this is the earlier radiator that mounts directly in front of the engine, not the later wide radiator that mounts up in the nose.


    TVR 2500M or 3000M

    Posted: 28 March 2015
    Contact Info: Carl Helmetag - Phone: (401) 451-0870
    Location: Providence, Rhode Island
    Description: Wanted TVR 2500M or 3000M. Good driver quality with service history records.

    3000S for Parts

    Posted: 16 February 2015
    Contact Info: Vince - Phone: (301) 407-9021
    Description: TVR 3000S convertible - basket case and/or body parts wanted.

    280i air dam, markers, radiator, and interior parts

    Posted: 16 February 2015
    Contact Info: Sean Howard
    Description: Wanted: 1986 280i Series 2 Air dam and marker beacons for the air dam. Also seeking car mats (black), speedometer, factory radiator and a source for a seat refurbish. Gas tank also wanted./

    Wolfrace Alloy Wheel for TVR Vixen S3

    Posted: 6 August 2014
    Contact Info: Tom - Phone: (970) 310-5615
    Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
    Description: Like to purchase a TVR Vixen S3 Wolfrace wheel in good condition for my 1971 Vixen.

    Black 280i Floor Mats

    Posted: 4 July 2014
    Contact Info: Harris Sukenick - Phone: (215) 275-4623
    Location: Nevada City, California
    Description: Original owner of Tvr Tasmin 280i Coupe. Looking for new car mats. My car is original cherry red with black interior. Of course left hand drive USA auto. They sell them in England but for right hand drive cars. Any ideas?

    TVR Grantura

    Posted: 10 March 2014
    Contact Info: Bill Snell - Phone: (530) 265-0479
    Location: Nevada City, California
    Description: Wanted: Grantura. Prefer CA car, non rusted daily driver.