Welcome to the internet home of the TVR Car Club of North America, a 501(c)7 non-profit organization chartered in the state of Ohio. We are an organization supported by dues paying members who are charged with promoting the TVR marque, driving our cars as often as possible, and having a good time doing so!

Great TVR Showing at Vancouver All-British Field Meet

Just wanted to send a note out about this last weekend's Vancouver ABFM. There were EIGHTEEN TVR's in attendance! That's a spectacular turnout and, as the the organizers mentioned at the awards ceremony, that represented a pretty healthy percentage for a marque made in such limited volume.

If my memory is right there were:

  • 2 Grantura's in lovely unrestored condition
  • 1 Vixen (gorgeous restoration to original by John Wohlslagel)
  • 1 Vixen very high quality vintage racer
  • 1 Vixen work of art with very clean SBC installation
  • 1 Tuscan V8, the real thing
  • 1 Vixen made from a 2500M with grafted Vixen front and round tailight rear
  • 7 2500M's ranging from in process restoration, to unbelievable work of art (Kip Kalweit's 5000M creation)
  • 1 Taimar (Beautiful example owned by Dave Despard of Kirkland WA)
  • 1 280i (Mike Harle displayed this excellent example)
  • 2 290S, both pristine

14 Canadian cars, 4 US cars

Our Canadian hosts did a terrific job with this event and the Canadian owners were especially welcoming and enthusiastic. The venue was beautiful (Van Dusen Botanical Gardens), all the cars represented a great cross section of age and style and the spectator turnout was enormous. Thanks to Michael (Calgary) and John (Oregon coast) for literally going that extra mile to be with us!


TVRCCNA Election Results

We'd like to thank everyone who sent in ballots or voted at the Annual General Meeting. After tallying up the votes, the TVRCCNA officers for 2015-2020 are:

  • President: Tony Hess
  • Vice President: Hayden Olenik
  • Secretary: Jeff Loss
  • Treasurer: Andy Gear

We are still looking for volunteers for appointed officer positions, particularly Regalia Coordinator. Please contact Tony or Hayden if you would like to volunteer. Thanks!

Featured Photo

Ron Gensburg's 1985 TVR 280i Coupe.

Have a car you'd like to see here? E-mail us a photo and the details.

So why do you have this page?

If you've found our page you're probably here for one of two reasons: 1) you're a TVR owner looking for a community of owners willing to help each other and have fun, or 2) you heard the name TVR or saw one and wanted to learn more about these rare British cars. If you're part of the first group, why not sign up for a membership and then check out our technical articles available to club members. If you're part of the second group, you can start with "What's a TVR?" and work your way through some information on the various models and history of TVR in North America. Either way, thanks for checking out our site and we hope you find what you're looking for.










President's Corner

Well, it's April 1st and it's snowing here like it was the middle of winter. I'm a snow guy and I have had enough. It's time for Spring, warm weather and top down drives. As most of you already know this is an election year for the Club. Please vote, there will be absentee ballots for those who will not be attending Out of the Woodwork 2015 as well as the regular vote as part of the banquet on Saturday night. Also just a reminder about the hotel, use the link the hotel provided when making your reservations. As you know the Club has waved the fee for Woodwork, but the banquet and Carlisle Productions fee is the same as last year. There will be a schedule of the days activities on line and in the Times. As in years past we need items for our auction and helpers to stuff envelopes Friday night and to help with parking the cars at the show grounds. This year I would like to see the cars in order of the year they were manufactured, from early TVR to late TVR. Please work with the Woodworkers to get this done On another note I have finally heard back from Mr Les Edgar the current owner of TVR Ltd. He said he unable to attend Woodwork at this time. So I guess that means that he might attend a future Woodwork. I am still working on having a TVR related guest for Woodwork 15 and if it happens it will be on the web site as well as the Facebook page. As always if I can be of any TVR related help to anyone, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

  -Tony Hess